Our Mission is Pure and Simple

The Absolute Best Insurance Buying Experience and Results for You and Your Family


Optavise is your insurance made efficient, simple, and organized.
Our Customer-focused organizational structure and set of services are made simple and user-friendly to accomplish the most important elements of an optimal insurance purchase and management:
1. Most Competitive Prices in the Marketplace
2. Strategy and Suitablity of Policy Type And Carrier
3. Highest Degree of Convenience, Comfort, and Organization

Engineered for your convenience and cost efficiency Optavise offers the following powerful features:

Best Price
Entire Marketplace of Policy Options to Easily Identify Best Price

Ready-to-Help Personal Counselors for Guidance and Expert Advice

The Most User-Friendly Education Tools to Learn & Understand Your Options

Ongoing Client Service and Policy Management System

Approval ConvenienceEasily determine your health eligibility with the top carriers

Optavise Financial Management System


Optavise is a guided step-by-step insurance and financial management system designed specifically for baby boomers and seniors. It is carefully engineered to provide the absolute most user-friendly financial education, price comparisons, and ongoing support and organization for Americans nearing, or in, retirement.
Our clear and intuitive system breaks down every aspect of the insurance buying experience for you to enable the most comfortable, convenient, and clear processes for identifying your most suitable coverage options based on your own personalized circumstances, comparing the most competitively priced plans in the marketplace for those coverage options, and – when you’re ready – streamlining your coverage application and approval process so that you are informed, protected, and prepared for success throughout.
And that’s only the beginning of how Optavise makes all the insurance and financial planning in your life efficient, clear, and organized. After you have applied and secured your planning through Optavise’ streamlined application platform, our step-by-step system and team of dedicated Client Success Counselors come together to provide an unprecedented level of ongoing support, customer service, organization, and proactive management to keep you and your loved ones in the optimal position for success.